Information on PhysDoc

PhysDoc offers a SEARCH facility on the Web through the Physics Institutions (Institutes, Departments, etc.) for locally stored documents such as preprints, research reports, institute annual reports, list of publications of research groups and individuals, interactive material, teaching material, computer programmes etc.

Locally stored documents are advisable especially if the author or his institution wants to keep control of integrity, accessability, archiving. Local storage allows easy and frequent updating. Thus PhysDoc complements the central Preprint servers (such as the e-Print archive, and the publisher's scientific journals.

The search can be either 'simple search' just by giving some keywords or combining them by Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and specifying a search by AUTHOR, TITLE, or within the TEXT.

In addittion PhysDoc allows you to SURF directly through the lists of links leading to the documents, ordered by continents, nation and town.

This is to easily allow the user to check if his own material is accessed. (The search engine starts with the links given and digs down from there).

An Upload Form is offered to allow the user to inform the system of his own and his institution's document lists.

It is recommended that the Institutions set up on their server a central web-page giving the links to all documents lists of their subinstitutions, research groups etc.

PhysDoc is meant to enhance the public accessibility to documents stored at local institution's servers.

The responsibility (quality check) and integrity of the material retrieved rests with the local Physics Institutions servers. Thus it is important that the list contains only Institutes registered by the Societies.

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